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A Guide By Ecommerce Development Company To Convert Your Visitors Into Customers

If you have been successful in attracting visitors to your website, congratulation! You are halfway there. However, once you have engaged the users, it is time to generate leads and turn them into potential customers. To do this, you would have to earn their interest in further exploring your services and products. Following are the useful tips and procedures by an expert eCommerce development company to design and develop your website based on user psychology. 

All of this will only be possible if you have an eye-catching and fully-functional customer-centric website. With an expert and qualified web development team on your side, you can easily create such type of website which will earn your business revenue in return.

The web development team at FlipLogics will not only help you gain new customers but will also help establish long-term business relationships with your existing customers. As a qualified eCommerce development company, our effective customer-first approach ensures this strategy and increases repeat purchases from your existing customers.

ecommerce development company

Since the start of our operation, it has been our top priority to convert your website visitors into paying customers. That is why we design, build, and maintain your website with this approach in mind. Because we know that it takes a cohesive structure to build a website that conveys your business value and is easy to navigate, which will help convert general users into customers in return.

According to web development experts of an eCommerce development company, below are mentioned some of the useful tips to convert your audience into potential customers:

1. Make Your Website Easy to Navigate:

Within seconds of arrival on your website, users should be able to find what they are looking for. Also, they should be able to purchase within as few clicks as possible. This is why it takes an expert eCommerce development company to understand all the user metrics and then build a website accordingly. They consider the fact that navigation should be easy to understand for every type of visitor that enters the website.

ecommerce development company navigation

A simple technique that we think comes in handy while designing a website, is thinking of a website as a brand billboard where you can easily find what you are looking for. The website should also portray exact information about your business and users should be able to get all the answers they are searching for. When users will be able to get the answers, they will move forward, navigate between the services, and will eventually make a successful purchase.

An easy approach that our web development team applies in this regard is to:

  • Explore your competitors’ websites to find what pros and cons they have on their websites
  • Explore recent Google trends to have an overview of keywords that are trending in your scope of business

2. Start a Relationship With Visitors:

At FlipLogics, we believe in having long-term business relationships with our clients and expect the same with your customers. We believe that first-time visitors are more likely to make a purchase and turn into long-term customers if they can find the poise they have been looking for. A great way to start strong relationships with your customers is to engage with them on your social media channels.

ecommerce development company

Social media can be a very good place to learn about the behavior and inclination of your customers and give them an introduction to your brand. There are several ways by which you can earn customers’ trust and encourage them to make a purchase.

Some of the effective ways are:

  • Our eCommerce development company recommends Providing a contact form on your website to gather the contact info of your customers. This will give you a list of users that are interested in your services or products.
  • Ask your customers about their opinion. You can create a survey to ask your customers what types of services or products they are interested in. This will give you an idea about the most desired products/services by your customers. So, you can devise your future strategy considering these ideas.

3. Trigger Simple Communication and Engagement:

You have probably heard the phrase, “communication is the key”. However, you may not know communication is the key to what? Let us clue you in. Believe us when we say that it is the key to almost everything and every matter on the earth. Every good relationship starts with good communication. So, why not use good communication with your prospects? The effective approach of eCommerce development company helps you have a website that communicates your brand with your customers. Also, we take benefit of simple yet efficient tactics which help your visitors convert into customers.

reponsive web design services

Precisely speaking, if your visitor knows how to contact you, they are more likely to make a call and purchase your services. Keeping this approach in mind, our web development team suggests you feature your contact information on your website. This information can include a 24/7 available phone number, email address, links to your social media channels, and physical address to your office or store. A chatbot or chat agent option can also be useful in answering the concerns of your users.

4. Give Social Proof To Your Audience:

There is nothing better than giving social proof of your excellent services or products on your landing pages. Expert developers from the eCommerce development company recommend that you should either provide a testimonial on the landing page or give social media reviews. It has also been noticed that landing pages with top conversion rates use at least one testimonial on their pages. An honest review of your product or services increases your credibility and can help in conversion. Use real pictures of your clients to increase customers’ trust in you so that they go on to purchase from you.


If you want to build your website according to your business requirements and based on the above-mentioned effective tips, worry not. We, at FlipLogics, have the best and most qualified web development teams who are ready to provide clients with the best website development approaches. 

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