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Top 5 Benefits of Using WordPress Web Development In 2022

One of the most questions that get asked in WordPress web development is; why should one use WordPress? What is the reason to switch to WordPress? Wouldn’t it be great if we give you one big answer to all these questions? So, listen: About one-third of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. Some of the big tech and industry giants like Sony, Time Inc, and the New York Post also have WordPress websites.

WordPress is a free and the most popular content management system in today’s world. Below are some of the top benefits of choosing WordPress web development to create your personal or business website.

wordpress web development

1. Easily Adaptable to Changing Business Needs:

You have probably thought of WordPress as a simple blogging tool but it is not the case. It can also be used to serve a lot of complex sites with other purposes. Nowadays, WordPress is used to run websites for several elite organizations and brands. A lot of small businesses also prefer WordPress to completely manage their business.

WordPress web development can be easily used to manage eCommerce stores and social networks. WordPress offers a great variety of plugins and themes which can be used according to the company’s business requirements. Due to these features, WordPress can easily adapt to the company’s changing needs over time.

2. SEO Friendly Platform:

Believe it when we say that WordPress sites rank high as compared to other websites. WordPress web development services are built keeping search engine user statistics in mind. WordPress also includes several tools and plugins that help optimize the content on your website.

A big benefit of building your website on WordPress is that your business will be visible to your clients which will ultimately help generate revenue. The SEO plugins for WordPress are easy to use and are extremely powerful in driving results. Take Yoast for example. It is a very widely used and reputable plugin that is used to maintain and track the SEO performance of a website. It also provides valuable suggestions to improve the readability and search engine rankings of your website. In short, there are almost all SEO aspects that can be covered with WordPress and its related plugins.

3. Guaranteed Safety and Security:

The safety standards used in WordPress web development are absolutely safe and secure from any virus or malware attack. For additional security and safety, there are several measures you can take to assure the safety and security of your website.

  • Always use a theme that meets WordPress standards, and keep it updated
  • Use only reputable and widely used plugins and them when necessary
  • Keep your website updated and maintained by an expert team of WordPress developers to avoid any cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities
wordpress web development

Additionally, FlipLogics uses further security tool checks for security integrity monitoring. Several free plugins are also available on the internet for public use and we use them to make sure your site is protected from any type of threats.

4. WordPress is Here for a Long Time:

While working with WordPress, you don’t need to worry about whether it will be around for a long time or not. WordPress web design company assures you that it is open-source software and it is not going anywhere soon. The benefit of any open-source software is that it is not controlled or managed by any CEO or company and is here to stay for a very long period of time.

WordPress is being run by a community of web developers, businesses, and general users who ensure its long-term presence and availability. Having your website on WordPress will not only be cost-saving but also an amazing experience with millions of users around the globe. A large community of WordPress developers is always there to guide and help you whenever you need any assistance. So, you don’t have to worry about any out-of-the-box problems.

5. Extend the Functionality of Your Website Anytime:

WordPress web design company assures that as a business owner you can ask to extend the functionality of your website at any time. Whether you want to add an event calendar, social media feed, or motion graphics, WordPress makes it easy to do this just by the use of appropriate plugins. A large variety of plugins provided by WordPress are free to use and you won’t have to bear any extra development costs.


wordpress web development

Along with adding extra functionality, WordPress web development is completely customizable and lets you customize your website as you want. You may be thinking about which plugins can be good for your website to increase sales revenue. Let us give you a hint of some of the most useful plugins that we use. Some of these are:

  • Analytics plugin for you to have an overview of your user traffic
  • Contact us form plugin to let users contact you about your services and products
  • An SEO plugin to help you get ranked on Google

In addition to these plugins, several other plugins can be used in custom WordPress development according to your business needs and the type of website you are creating. Our expert team of WordPress developers recommends a suitable plugin after thoroughly testing and analyzing it for your business needs.


All in all, WordPress web development is an efficient and effective way of creating a website. One more thing you should know is that WordPress is not just about creating blogs and websites. It is considered a top content management system in the world. So, no matter what type of website you are trying to build, you can surely do it with WordPress. Even if you have not got any previous knowledge about website development, you can easily start developing websites at the beginner level by watching some video tutorials and courses. However, if you need an expert WordPress web development company for your business or personal website development, we are here. Just give us a call or leave us a message and our WordPress experts will be at your service.

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