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Tips For Choosing The Best Ecommerce Platform For Startups In 2022

The retail industry has been revolutionized in the past few years and now it has become an evident need for every retail business to have an eCommerce website. That is why most businesses are finding the best eCommerce platform for startups to compete in the industry and develop their website using the best eCommerce platform.

There are many eCommerce platforms out there to choose from, and it can be daunting trying to decide which one is the best for your business. With so many options, how do you know which platform will be the most suitable for your needs in 2022? There are some metrics and tips that you can use to select the best eCommerce platform for startups.  

best ecommerce platform for startups

Why Selecting the Best Ecommerce Platform For Startups Matters?

The eCommerce business is something more than just selling things online. It can be complicated at times. Imagine running a physical store and the problems you can encounter at a physical retail business. The same is the case with running and maintaining an eCommerce business.

However, in an eCommerce business, there is the advantage of the digital world where many of the tasks and business procedures can be automated without requiring human activities. That is why you have to be very careful while choosing the best eCommerce platform for startups as well as established businesses.

There are some things that you need to keep in mind regarding your business while choosing an eCommerce platform. How do you plan to grow your business in the future? What is the cost of building and maintaining your eCommerce platform? And what are the objectives you want to address with your business and which services do you want to deliver?

Based on the above-mentioned variables, you should choose an eCommerce platform for your eCommerce website design. Below are some tips to help you choose the best eCommerce platform for startups and businesses:

1. Choose the One That is Here to Stay:

Technology is updating every day and choosing the eCommerce platform that stays with the changing technology trends is mandatory for your business. In order to compete in the eCommerce industry, your business website needs to be updated and have a platform that provides reliable and cutting-edge eCommerce web design.

Additionally, the website will be used by different actors in your business. So, having a design that is easy to use is another thing to look for. Therefore, you should choose the best eCommerce platform for startups that is future-ready and easy to use as compared to other platforms.

2. Don’t Skip Out On Mobile-Friendly Experience:

It’s the age of minification and users nowadays don’t want to carry the laptop around and open it whenever they want to search for their favorite item online. That is why you should center your web software development around a mobile-friendly experience.

According to recent studies, the number of internet searches on mobile devices is increasing day by day and it has surpassed the total of 80 percent of all searches carried out on the internet. So, whenever you choose or hire a web development company for your eCommerce platform development, you must confirm that your website is compatible with mobile devices and tablets. When we talk about compatibility with mobile devices, it is not just about the responsiveness or display but is also about the compatibility with all the existing operating systems and hardware. So, make sure you are getting a mobile-friendly website for your eCommerce business.

best ecommerce platform for startups

3. Centralized Payment Gateway:

Ecommerce website development is all about selling things and making payments. So, one of the most important things you need to look out for while choosing the best eCommerce platform for startups is the payment gateway and system. This is because a large portion of your successful sales will be depending on an easy and localized payment gateway.

For example, consider that a customer sitting across the continent will be less interested in shopping in your local currency. So, you have to provide him with the ease of buying and purchasing goods with a personalized and override pricing system in your eCommerce website design.

Also, one of the most important things to consider; is to make sure to check out your competitors and what they are doing and how are they handling their eCommerce websites. As a responsible web development company, this is probably the first thing we tell our dear clients to do.

4. Cost Of Ownership:

The most important factor in choosing the best eCommerce platform for startups is the cost of operation and ownership. Price is always the first thing to consider when it comes to managing and operating an eCommerce store. Whether you are a startup who is getting started in the industry or a fully established brand, you need to first understand the whole cost of every eCommerce platform. Almost all the eCommerce platforms have some sort of monthly subscription plan. Moreover, there are also some processing costs.

However, whenever choosing between the eCommerce platforms, you must prioritize your brand and product type and what is your audience demanding from you. In this regard, you must look for the facility of payment methods. This is because some of the platforms don’t offer payment via third-party gateways such as PayPal or any other apps. So, choose the best eCommerce platform for startups that is both convenient and low-cost.



Some of the most used eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, and Magento all have a monthly subscription fee. However, WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that can be used without a cost for the development and maintenance of an eCommerce application. On the other hand, Magento development proves to be a low burden on your pocket with the least monthly fee among all the other platforms except WooCommerce. 

At FlipLogics, we have expertise in all the best eCommerce platform for startups. Whether you need Shopify eCommerce developers or WooCommerce development, our developers are ready to provide you with the best eCommerce solutions possible at the least possible prices.

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