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Tips To Cut Down Costs On Custom Website Development

It’s no secret that businesses need a web presence to remain competitive in the 21st century. Depending on the types of requirements, some business owners and corporates demand custom website development for their business websites. However, many business owners are unsure of how to go about creating a website, or even where to start. In this article, we will outline the basics of how to develop a custom web application for your business at a budgeted cost.

As a business, it is important to have an online presence. When you opt for custom website development, the whole process of development increases, and it demands more man-hours. As a result, the cost of the entire development project increases. That is why custom website development can be expensive and time taking. The following are some tips to help cut down on the cost of custom website development:

custom website development

1. Proper Prior Planning

Planning for the targeted features and functionalities is the key aspect of any web development project, whether custom or standard. It is better to discuss the scope of your web development project with experienced project managers.

Based on the scope, managers of a good web development company will provide you with a complete overview of the features and functionalities implemented in the project. A software requirement document with proper implementations and functionalities will serve the best purpose in this regard. It will help the developers understand where and how customizations are needed. This will help cut costs on custom website development

2. Plan Your Website Requirements:

Before starting to find a web development agency for your custom website development, you must first plan what look and feel you need on your website and all the requirements and functionalities that you need to be implemented on your website. All these factors will depend on the type of business you are and the audience you are planning to target with your website. It is better to make a flow of all the functionalities and layout that you want on your website.

3. Re-analysis of Project Requirements:

You may come with some extra features and functionalities in your web application but all of them may not be important for the project. That is why a re-analysis of all the requirements is necessary to cut down the time and cost of custom website development.

In the re-analysis phase, you will need to prioritize the key functionalities of the project that you are aiming for, leaving behind unnecessary features. Cutting down these features will result in the reduced time and cost of the project.

4. Work in Agile Development Environment:

custom web development

You have to embrace the fact that changes are inevitable in any custom web development project. At times, you may have to change the process and requirements based on current market trends. That is why you should aim for the future as the web application might need certain changes in the future depending on the growth of the company.

As a business owner, you must look for a web development company that works in the agile development environment. While working in the agile development method, you can also track the timeline and the customized services of the web development company you are working with.

5. Pre-Define Your Working and Hiring Model:

Another important and useful tip on cutting development costs on custom website development is to define your hiring model based on your preferences. The hiring model involves three types of hiring as follows:

Fixed Cost: In this model of hiring, you can hire developers from FlipLogics who will work for you for the time required to complete and deliver a specific task or project. This hiring model is perfect for hiring developers for tasks that have all the requirements and milestones outlined.

Full-Time: Full-time hiring refers to the model where you can hire developer who will be with you till the completion and delivery of your project. If you are looking for building a team for your project, then this model best defines the developers you should be working with.

Hourly: On an hourly basis, you would have to pay the developers based on the total hours spent on your project. This hiring model is best suited for short-term projects. Usually, up-gradation and maintenance tasks are carried out by hiring developers on an hourly basis.


In your quest for the best company for your project, you will come across many companies which claim to offer the best web development services. However, you must look for whether they plan and deliver the milestones on time.

First, you should do a requirement analysis of your business and share it with the development company. If they assure you of the above-mentioned approach to building your custom website, you should opt for them. You can also contact our web development team which consists of the top 3% of custom web developers. They will surely help you in bringing down the cost and time of your custom web development.

However, if you will still find the budget a little bit heavy, we will provide you with an alternate solution to develop your website by using a template. A lot of website development platforms have pre-built templates that can be customized to fit your needs. This is a less expensive option than spending on custom website development from scratch.

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