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How Is FlipLogics An Affordable Web Development Company?

web development company

Finding a web development company according to your personalized choice can be a very toilsome task. There are several factors you have to consider before hiring a company for your web development needs. However, one of the most important factors is the cost of operation. FlipLogics is a web development company that offers affordable services to clients all over the globe. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced developers who can help you with anything from simple website design to complex eCommerce solutions. We also offer SEO and online marketing services to help you get more traffic and leads from your website.

We believe in developing and delivering quality applications at cost-effective prices. We are a highly professional and result-oriented web development company that has the experience and expertise to provide our clients with world-class services. We specially focus on clients’ needs and develop any type of website or application as per their specific needs and requirements.

Below are some of the metrics and reasons why we are an affordable web development company:

1. Choice of Open-Source Technology:

As an experienced web development company, we have been with many startups and businesses and this experience has taught us to choose the most economical technology to ensure the cost-effective development of web applications. Also, the most important goal of a business is to generate revenue and get as much as possible profits. This is the reason while choosing technology for web development, our top priority is to opt for an open-source technology that is free to use and has the minimum development and maintenance cost.

Being a web development agency that is known for the most affordable web solutions, we prefer using technology that is easy to use and is here to stay for a long time.

2. Ability to Manage Time and Handle Complexities:

web development company

You are spending your resources on your project and you definitely want to be completed under a specific timeframe. We understand that and we respect your time. That is why we recommend you hire developers from FlipLogics who can deliver on time and progress as planned.

During the development phase, developers may face some difficulties and complexities in the project. So, you need to hire technically sound engineers who can handle increased complications and runtime issues.

If you need your project to be completed effectively and on time, you should engage a reputed web designing company to handle your project. By using the variables mentioned above, it can become easy for you to determine the best team of developers for your project.

3. Timely Delivery of Projects:

Since the start of our operations a decade ago, we have had a 100% project completion and delivery rate. We understand that you need to launch your website as soon as possible and that’s why we put our 100% into designing and developing the right solution for your business.

As a responsible website development company, we allot a full-time web design and development team to your project to ensure timely delivery with all the requirements. We also update our clients with each milestone and clarify if the requirements are met properly. Our distinguished development approach lets us develop the projects without any misunderstandings and in compliance with the user requirements. This approach lets us complete all the projects within the given timeline, thereby reducing the development costs and becoming an affordable company to work with.

4. Multiple Hiring and Working Models:

Another reason why we are an efficient and affordable web development company is our multiple hiring models which let businesses hire developers on their preferences. Our hiring model involves three types of hiring as follows:

Fixed Cost: In this model of hiring, you can hire remote developers or teams from FlipLogics who will work for you for the time required to complete and deliver a specific task or project. This hiring model is perfect for hiring developers for tasks that have all the requirements and milestones outlined.

Full-Time: Full-time hiring refers to the model where you can hire developers or a full team who will be with you till the completion and delivery of your project. If you are looking for building a team for your project, then this model best defines the developers you should be working with.

Hourly: On an hourly basis, you would have to pay the developers based on the total hours spent on your project. This hiring model is best suited for short-term projects. Usually, up-gradation and maintenance tasks are carried out by hiring developers on an hourly basis.

web development company

5. In-House Development Team:

As stated above, we are a full-scale web development company with a physical office and business resources. Unlike many other web development companies, we do not hire web developers from outside or outsource our projects to any other companies. We have multiple in-house teams which consist of qualified web developers and professional designers who have multiple years of experience in their related field of work.

Having an in-house development team eases the communication between team members and lets managers supervise the project successfully. It also saves the cost of outsourcing the project to another website development company. This is the reason we provide affordable prices to our clients and are recognized as the most affordable web development company.


Along with these above-mentioned reasons, there are many more ways we cut development costs to provide our clients with the most suitable and affordable web development services. At FlipLogics, we have the facility of website updating and maintenance which saves our customers from additional costs of keeping their websites updated according to the growing and changing business needs. As a web development company, we also provide free consultation services in case you need a helping hand in the discussion of your website development needs. Feel free to contact us any time. We are available 24/7.

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If you are a growing business looking to create a website for your online visibility, FlipLogics is the best choice for you. You can get a successful website for your brand and can grow your business like never before. Contact us and get a free consultation about your project now.

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