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5 Landing Page Hacks For Business Website Development To Increase Conversions

Business website development is all about generating leads and collecting revenue. However, first of all, let us make something clear that confuses many people. A landing page is not the homepage. The homepage is the first page of a website and the landing page is any services or product page that is designed to draw the attention of visitors to a specific service or product.

Business owners aim to generate conversions on these pages to increase sales and user engagement. For businesses starting on their journey, these pages are considered the backbone of small business website development. For an established business, the average landing page conversion rate is 9-10 percent and if you are not getting that much, you are missing out on something.

Below are some of the landing page hacks that will help you optimize these pages and increase conversion rates:

Hack No.1: Put a Video on Landing Page:

A large number of marketers agree on this point that putting a video on a landing page increases the time that a visitor spends on that page. Hence, more time spent leads to more conversions and sales. Top web development company also suggest the best business website development approach by putting motion graphics on the landing pages to increase conversions. So, make sure to add a short video to the landing page but remember one thing the video limit must not increase the 2 minutes duration. Show your services and expertise in that video or you can also introduce your business to your visitors. Most digital marketers recommend that you can also showcase your business location, and your workflow, or put your team introduction in the video. Another thing that must be kept in mind while displaying the video is that the video should be present in the center of your landing page.

Hack No. 2: Give Social Proof To Your Audience:

There is nothing better than giving social proof of your excellent services or products on your landing pages. Website developers for small business recommend that you should either provide a testimonial on the landing page or give social media reviews. It has also been noticed that landing pages with top conversion rates use at least one testimonial or their pages. An honest review of your product or services increases your credibility and can help in conversion. Use real pictures of your clients to increase customers’ trust in you so that they go on to purchase from you. Take an example of LifeLock, an American company that lists its social proof on its landing page to showcase the trust they have got from customers.

business website development

Hack No. 3: Games On Landing Pages:

Business website development includes several aspects and adding games to landing pages is one of them. This may sound somewhat nontraditional and unconventional but adding some simple games on your landing page can do the trick for you. These games keep your users busy on the website and explore more pages. Another reason is that engaging and interactive content plays a pivotal role in letting users spend more time on your side, which in turn results in more sales and conversions. So, try to use interactive elements rather than static and plain content.

Hack No. 4: Linked Product Pages:

In a marketing study, it has been discovered that users are more encouraged to purchase from websites that recommend them products and items relevant to their searches. A crucial element for business website development is that you should direct your consumers to the relevant product landing pages. You can do this by recommending the products to consumers through email marketing and social media advertisements. In case you want your conversions to increase surprisingly, add a sale or promotion feature to your product landing page and the users will be attracted to avail the discount. Listing your products on social media can also help you in this regard. Advertising the discounts and coupon codes on your social media handles is an efficient way of bringing sales.

Hack No. 5: Show Your Products In Working:

Users want to see how your product or service works. So, provide them with a working model. The web development agency suggests that you should show your products or services in use when using pictures of them on the landing pages. For example, if you are selling a hair straightener, showcase it with a picture of a woman straightening her hair. On the other hand, if you are selling a tool or software, show the reports of its working in the form of screenshots. This approach will help consumers have an idea about what the service is about and how they can benefit from it.

business website development

Hack No. 6: Make Your Landing Page Mobile Friendly

business website development

Probably one of the most important aspects of building a landing page is to make it mobile responsive. More than 70% of whole internet searches are carried out on mobile devices. This represents the importance of making your pages mobile-friendly. In addition to making the other elements of the landing page responsive, it is strongly advised to make landing page forms mobile-friendly. It is often seen that contact and order booking forms do not correctly load on mobile devices. This is not considered a good approach for better results. For effective business website development, each and every aspect of your website should be working correctly. Also, every webpage should be optimized for better search engine rankings to reach more and more customers.


These are some of the hacks you can use in business website development to generate sales and increase the conversion rate on your landing pages. Apply these epic hacks to your website and see the conversion rate going sky-high in no time. However, never ever clutter the page with all the interactive elements and product mockups, and always remember that simple is the new stylish.

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