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7 Must-Have Pages In Business Website Development

After you have successfully chosen your preferred domain, it is now time to decide which pages you need on your website. We have sorted out your problem and come up with some must-have pages for your business website development. Most business owners don’t have any sound idea about which pages they need on their website to succeed in their business because when it comes to designing the content for a new website, every business has its own set of defined rules and something unique is needed for every other business website.

Apart from these specifications and designs, our expert has devised a list of pages that every business website should make sure to include in the web application development. These pages are:

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1. Homepage:

The most obvious yet the most important element of a business website development is its homepage. This is the view people will see first and decide whether to stay or leave your website. According to some authentic studies, you only have a couple of seconds to convince people to explore your website. That’s why you must capture the attention with the best possible design and content on this page.

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Your company logo, a short introduction of your business, your services or products, and your approach to doing business should be included. You can also add your office workplace gallery on your website’s homepage.

2. About Us Page:

Business website development is incomplete without stating your business introduction on your website. Your visitors are only interacting with your website, they don’t know who is behind this and who will be doing business with them. So, show them the team behind your business and add your company vision and future aim to let your visitors feel secure while doing business with you.

3. Services/Products Page:

If your business offers a variety of services, then your business website development is incomplete without having a separate services page. Make a separate page for the services you offer and before outlining the services on the page, give an overview of your specially-tailored services for your customers so they can proceed further with an exploring mindset. The services can be listed in bullet points, blocks, or as you want them to be.

4. Contact Page:


The most important step in lead generation is providing a contact medium for clients to get in touch with you. A good web application development company will provide you with effective way/ways to let your customers contact you. You can provide a phone number, physical location, and a contact form to hear from your customers what they want to ask or tell you. Social media accounts can also help in this regard. Providing your contact information and social media handles is an efficient approach for business website development

5. Blog Page:

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A blog page on your business website consists of all the blog posts that you have shared on your website. Business website development demands getting engaged with your visitors and writing blog posts is the best way to do this. A survey by top IT companies has shown that businesses who list blog posts on their websites are more likely to generate leads from them on a fairly daily basis. Blogs are indeed the most affordable and effective marketing tools considered by the web development agency by which you can give a voice to your company and share your expertise with your clients.

6. 404 (Page Not Found) Error Page:

In case any of the web pages no longer exist on your website, your users are shown the ‘page not found’ page by the search engine. It is an error page known as a 404 error. You can also customize this page and design this as you want. Most of the top web development companies suggest that you should add links to your best content on the website, or you can also place a search form. This approach is important from an SEO perspective as well as a user-engagement point of view.

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7. Privacy Policy & Terms and Conditions Page:

A privacy policy is a must-have for every website and therefore, it is a crucial element of business website development. Let your users and visitors know what you are going to do with their private information and personal data. Let users know that their credentials are safe with you. Also, outline which type of data will you collect and how this data will be used.

Similarly, a terms & conditions page is equally important as a privacy policy page. This page will outline the rules that are implemented to users whenever they are on your website. Rules and guidelines about website functionality are also included in the document. Copyright laws and third-party links on your website are also outlined on this page. So, do consider this page for business website development.

These were some standard pages that you must have on your website. However, you can also include an FAQs page and products page (if you sell products). Some obvious features such as privacy policy and terms and conditions page should also be a part of every website, whether business or not.

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