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8 Essential Principles Of A Good Web Design And Development

Your website is not there just to show off some colorful pages and eye-catching designs. Rather, good web design and development is something much greater than just a colorful web page. It is a complete set of principles that should be followed throughout the design and development phase to ensure a result-driven and feature-rich website. We will not tell you where to put your contact, search box, or logo, rather, we are here to discuss the main principles and approaches which can lead to a more sophisticated design and layout of a website.

In order to successfully apply these principles in web design and development, you have to understand how user psychology works and how they process information. The following principles will help you understand that:

1. How Do Users Think?

Relax for a minute and just think about how consumers behave in a shopping store. They usually glance at the items, scan some of their details, and then pick up the one item that looks attractive and useful to them. The same is the case with website visitors. They put a superficial look on the pages of the website, scan the text, and then decide to click on a link that intrigues them. That’s why an attractive web design and development approach should focus more on the quality and credibility of the website’s content and graphics because users don’t read all paragraphs, they just scan them and move forward.

web design and development

2. Don’t Let Users Think:

Yeah, you got it right. Users think before making a purchase or clicking a link, but what you have to do is to don’t make them think anymore. A good web design and development technique is to make the web page self-explanatory, so users don’t have to think or process the information. The first thing you can do in this regard is to avoid the question marks from the user’s side. Write and design clear content and make sure to answer as many questions as possible.

3. Display The Clear Introduction About Your Business:

The best approach in web design and development is; don’t always aim to sell. Rather, first, introduce your business to your audience. This way, they will feel secure and will be ready to buy from you. In your top homepage banner, clearly state the purpose of your business and then state the services or products that you offer. In the context of introducing your business to your audience, make sure that your web design includes a link to the about us page on both your top header navigation and footer. Here users can go and read about your company, your vision, and what you aim to achieve in the future.

Posting your recent project or portfolio can also help build trust among customers. With this practical approach, your customers can see your actual work and will contact you straight away if impressed. You should also list your contact number, company email address, and physical address where your clients can find you. Providing a physical address will help build your genuine image among customers and it is also an efficient approach to good web design and development

4. Attain User’s Attention:

Some features of the website have been noticed to attract more attraction than others. Just like images are more attractive than plain text and bold/italic words feel more focused than simple text. So, try to develop a web application for your business in a way that looks more focused and attractive. Also, you can add video testimonials and graphics about your services which will be easily recognized by the human eye. So, if you want to focus your users’ attention on a specific area on your website, make it distinctive by using visual elements.

web design and development

5. Write Effectively:

Keep in mind that you are not printing a page or writing an essay. Writing for a website is way different than writing on paper. So, write content to adjust to users’ preferences and take help from a web application development company to assist you in writing for a website. You can also follow a simple rule to only talk business on your website. You may think that marketing-induced names will work, but that’s not the case. Writing classics and sticking to the point is always good. Make sure to write short sentences, divide the content into categories, and use simple language.

6. Use Whitespace:

A perfect web design and development cannot be possible without leaving white space on the web page. It is often underestimated and ignored by many web designers. The white space on the website enables the user to categorize the content and divide it into shorter parts for better understanding. The better you provide users with visual symmetry the easier your content will be to understand. Let’s take the example of Apple’s homepage and see how they have used whitespace to add elegance to their web page.

7. Aim For Simplicity:

Embrace the fact that users don’t visit your website to enjoy the design and colors. Yes, it is important for a website but the excess of everything is bad. So, during the web design and development for your business, aim for as much simplicity as possible. Remember, there is a difference between simplicity and dull and dry design. Design your website but keep the design simple and classic.

8. Make Your Landing Page Mobile Friendly

Probably one of the most important aspects of a good web design and development is to make it mobile responsive. More than 70% of whole internet searches are carried out on mobile devices. This represents the importance of making your pages mobile-friendly. In addition to making the other elements of the website responsive, it is strongly advised to make website forms mobile-friendly. It is often seen that contact and order booking forms do not correctly load on mobile devices. This is not considered a good approach for better results. For effective web design and development, each and every aspect of your website should be working correctly. Also, every webpage should be optimized for better search engine rankings to reach more and more customers.

These were some principles to help you with a great web design. If you have any more queries, feel free to put them our way. We are available 24/7.

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