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How To Scale Your Store With WooCommerce Development?

WooCommerce development for online stores is increasing day by day. One of the biggest reasons for this expansion is the scalability that WooCommerce offers eCommerce businesses around the globe. Scalability means that you can extend the functionality of your store as business needs increase with time. However, scalability can be defined by many aspects. Finance experts will consider revenue while marketing experts will calculate total conversions and page clicks.

woocommerce development

WooCommerce developers focus on scaling WooCommerce by enhancing speed on the front end where customers actually interact. So, for basics, you should make sure that your eCommerce website loads fast, the search feature is working accurately, and payments are made smoothly without any delay.

You can notice and work on the following features to ensure scalability in your online store with WooCommerce development:

1. Identify The Pages Where More User Traffic Causes Problems:

Use extensions by Google Analytics to measure how many users are being converted into consumers. Take help from a WooCommerce development company to use some other speed optimization measures to determine where problems are happening:


  • Look For Slow Pages: There are many tools provided by Google that can help you identify slow pages. Page speed tools are offered by Google to help provide insights into page speeds for shopping carts and payment pages.
  • Disable WooCommerce Cart Fragments: This function helps inform customers about every item they put in the cart. However, it slows down the page speed. So, remember to disable it for a better speed and response.
  • Go For Page Caching: The expert WooCommerce development agency suggests caching the pages on your eCommerce websites that do not update often. It will help optimize the speed of your website. Normally, the pages that need caching are about us pages and catalog pages.


However, you shouldn’t cache the pages such as product pages, shopping carts, checkout pages, and account pages. WooCommerce development does not provide you with a caching extension on its platform but there are some outer sources you can get help with such as WP Fastest Cache and WP Rocket. These extensions are programmed to minify the code and compress the graphics to optimize the page speed.

2. Seek Help From a Content Delivery Network (CDN):

If your website has become heavy and it is taking too much time to load, you can take help from CDNs. CDNs work by distributing your website to the local servers around the world and when a user from any part of the world accesses your website, the servers send your website content quickly to that user. You can hire WooCommerce developer to guide you further and help you set up a CDN. Most web hosts also provide integrated CDN services. You should also ask your host if they have such services. It will cause your hosting costs to go up but it will be worth the shot.


3. What Else Can You Do To Scale Website With WooCommerce Development?

In addition to trying the above-mentioned techniques, there are also some other things you can do to improve the consumer interaction with your website.


  • Browsing After Customers Make a Purchase: According to WooCommerce development company, many customers go on to browse further even after they have made a purchase. It can result in slow speed and low performance of the website. You can auto-logout the customers after purchasing so they can log in again and see the cached pages.
  • Optimize Customer Account Pages: Customers visit their account pages frequently to check order status or change credentials. This makes new paths every time and it can seriously affect a website’s overall performance. You can consider cleaning up these account pages after a certain period and don’t store order history or other histories for more than a year or two.


These are some of the proven methods used by the expert WooCommerce development agency to optimize and scale the WooCommerce store. However, you can also talk to your web host and they can adjust other parts of your website to handle the increased traffic. You should never compromise on user experience and always aim to provide the best services you can. If you need custom changes to your WooCommerce website, you can also contact us to discuss the details.

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