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No One Will Tell You These Web Design And Development Tips

There are multiple steps involved in web design and development procedures. However, before the development phase, the website must be designed according to some defined metrics and approaches. There are a few things you should think about when designing your website. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that web design is all about looks. It’s not. You also have to think about how people will use your website and what they’ll need from it. 

There are a few basic tips that you should keep in mind when given the task of web design and development. These tips are equally beneficial for the designing and redesigning of your website. A website is defined by containers and content. Containers contain two things: structure and style. Below are some tips about the structure of a website and how should it look to your user.

Some of these tips are as follows:

web design and development

1. Use Visual Symmetry:

Top web development companies recommend that each page of your website should have a visual symmetry. If you do not know what visual symmetry is, consider it something like the arrangement, color, font, and size of your visual containers or elements on the web page. Don’t use small font sizes or fonts that are difficult to read. Verdana, Tahoma, and Arial are all good fonts to use because they are easy to read onscreen. All of these elements and features should be present on your website in a symmetrical order which seems pleasant to the human eye.

2. Use Main Heading And Call-To-Actions On The Top:

For a responsive web design and development, and visual clearance, it is recommended that you should use the main heading and call-to-actions on the top of the page. However, avoid placing all the CTAs (call to action) on the top because the page will seem stuffed. Instead, spare the CTAs for the bottom of the page as the major persuasion happens down the page. This is why the content at the bottom of your page seems to be more persuasive according to research done by web development companies. Also, put a contact us or schedule a meeting button below your call-to-action. This will help increase conversions and improve your business revenue.

web design and development

3. Make The Page Taller:

Your users have questions and you must provide them with all possible answers on the go. One of the main ways to do this is to provide all the answers on one page. A famous web design quote goes by, “scrolling is a continuation, clicking is a decision”. Users will keep scrolling the page to find more and more answers rather than clicking the buttons. This is the reason a web designing company suggests keeping the page as long as possible and providing answers to all the questions the users may have. This approach is considered the most important and effective approach for good web design and development

4. Show One Thing At A Time:

During research carried out by Google about the most beautiful web designs, most of the users said that they like clean and modern designs of websites. According to a reputed web design and development agency, clutter on a website makes users skip and go back. Whitespace matters a lot in context to an effective visual experience because it ensures low visual complexity which the users like about website design. So, remember to always design your webpage in a way that shows one section of your website at a time.

5. Adopt Standard Website Designs:

apple design

Most web designers want to think outside the box to bring a complex design to life. However, as stated in the above point, it is usually not considered eye-catching by the users. Therefore, web development company suggests that design should be according to the standard layout of the top 100 marketing websites, which is:

  • Logo on the top left corner
  • Contact on the top right corner
  • Navigation header on the top
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Social media icons at the bottom

It is true that everyone is fond of beauty and colors. However, a website user looks for more than just beauty. They look for information and action, so provide them with this using a good web design and development approach. If you need any kind of help with a website design from the best website development company, you can consult us for a free session at any time.

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