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Are you looking for a reliable Xenforo Development Company?

We at FlipLogics have been working as a reliable xenforo development company for various big boards having thousands of users and threads. While the board admins are busy managing spam and user requests our xenforo developers leave no stone unturned to make sure the forum stays robust and gets the custom functionalities that users need.

We can be your reliable and long term xenforo development agency to build custom addons and styles from scratch. 

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Why you need a reliable xenforo development company?

A community forum is one of the growing needs of every established business and according to our years of experience in website and forum development, there can be no better choice in terms of software than Xenforo . It has all the features needed to build and engage people having same interests and who love to discuss and share ideas. As a board admin it allows you to manage Spam and perform necessary measures to keep your awesome community safe and secure for the members.



But, unavailability of reliable and professional xenforo developers had been a concern for many since years. Many great forums are unable to get custom addons that could greatly improve user engagement. A few developers who actually know how to code Xenforo addons and Styles using best practices recommended by Xenforo staff are already engaged in doing cool stuff for other people.



An addon or theme coded by newbies can break a forum , A poorly written code allows hacker to intrude and take all personal information of the members, A thing no board owner can bear.



A reliable and long term xenforo development company or an individual xenforo developer must be there to address technical issues whenever they arise, that is where FlipLogics can jump in and solve your technical issues quickly, Professionaly and at a very low Cost

We follow Best Xenforo Development practices

We understand how dangerous it would be for your forum if an addon has direct queries in the controllers and how you will lose the modifications if code is not added using proper template modifications and class extensions, that is why we are listing some of the core Xenforo development concepts that we follow.

Template Modifications

Entities and Repositories

Installer and Uninstaller

Event Listeners

Compatiblity Checks

Class Extensions

Our Signature Xenforo Development Solutions

Out-Of-The-Box Xenforo Development Solutions by best developers

At FlipLogics, we have some of the best Xenforo developers to provide you with exceptional addon and style development services for your community. Having multiple years of experience in the web development industry, our developers have the ability to install and configure the most demanded Xenforo addons and styles or code the ones from scratch. We work on the latest as well as previous versions of Xenforo and install the latest and updated theme styles to your forum. If you are looking to create a membership website, we can also help you with it through Custom xenforo development. 

Our Xenforo development services in this regard are:

  • Community Website Development
  • Forum Development
  • Members-only forums
  • Business forums
  • Customer care forums
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Xenforo Add-Ons And Style Development Services

Amazing XenForo addons and styles are available on the internet and greater ones are yet to be made! If you have any idea about any addon or style development for Xenforo and you think it can be amazing for your forum, get in touch and we will code it for you from scratch. At FlipLogics, we have a full-fledged team of designers and Xenforo specialists who can provide any kind of style and Xenforo addon development for your forum. We have been working with Xenforo since version 1.4.x and have developed several custom Xenforo addons for our clients from all across the world.

Carrying such an extensive experience and competent development team by our side, we provide Xenforo addon services in:

  • Xenforo addon development
  • Custom style development
  • Xenforo addon customization
  • Xenforo style customization
  • Fixing and updating any Xenforo issues
  • Xenforo Maintenance and Support

Xenforo Maintenance and Support Services

From design through development to deployment, we have got you covered in any type of Xenforo-related task. At FlipLogics, we provide complete solutions and support for the Xenforo community forum. As described above, our expert Xenforo development company can help you design and install the latest addons for your forum. If you want to configure your forum, we can do it for you right according to your needs. We help clients create forum categories and complete support even after the delivery of the project.

Our Xenforo development services also come with a full-fledged maintenance package for your forum in which we provide continued support and maintenance services for your community forum website. whether you need weekly, monthly, or bi-annual support, our packages have it all sorted out for you. In our Xenforo maintenance services, we provide fixation of any issues, bug fixes, design updates, and regular code reviews for your forum website.

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Magento maintenance services
Why Opt FlipLogics For Xenforo Development

Based on the multiple years of experience in forum and website development, FlipLogics is considered a distinguished Xenforo development company. We can be your go-to solution for all community forum development needs using Xenforo. As an established web development and online forum development organization, we provide all tools and services to assist you in serving your community in a better way. In context to forum development using Xenforo, we provide the following set of services to our clients:

  • Custom add-on development
  • Installation
  • Migration from other platforms to Xenforo
  • Forum maintenance
  • Extending the functionality
  • Fixing existing add-ons

So, start a conversation with us and give us an overview of what you need. We will provide you with a possible timeline and the cost of your project and assign one of our best xenforo developer on your task.

Related Xenforo Development Services

Xenforo Addon Development

We have xenforo developers who can code an addon or style for your forum from scratch.

Xenforo Maintenance Services

We can be your reliable xenforo development company to maintain and upgrade the forum.

Xenforo Integration Services

We can do third party integrations and single sign ons for Xenforo and your other Apps.

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Mastering the art of producing impactful and lasting results has what made us an established software development company . Avail our services to stand out from the rest of the competition in your industry.

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